Welcome to Shooting Star Farm

Providing equine care and massage therapy serving Kemptville and surrounding areas.

My goal is to improve the performance, well-being and health of your horse.

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I am a Certified Equine Massage Therapist trained in:

  • scar tissue reduction
  • lower limb swelling reduction
  • hoof heat reduction
  • behavior issues with direct physical correlations
  • deep fascia release
  • movement of CSF
  • colic relief
  • stretching
  • hydrotherapy

I also provide care of your horses whether you are on vacation or need an extra hand.

Services include:

  • cleaning stall
  • feeding and watering
  • administering oral supplements and medications
  • daily turnout/turn-in
  • fly mask and boot services
  • blanketing and un-blanketing
  • changing bandages or wraps
  • grooming and hoof picking
  • lunging or hand-walking
  • Picking of hooves
  • Fly spray

Please contact me at:

Dan Bonneau B.Sc, CEMT

Cell: 613-314-9594

Phone: 613-258-9594


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